When will Atatürk Airport be transported?


 When will Atatürk Airport be transported? 4Ağu

When will Atatürk Airport be transported?

 The second stage trainings started to move to Istanbul New Airport. In this context, field trainings are given to employees of airline, ground handling and other related companies


ORAT (Operation Preparation and Airport Transfer) process has accelerated in Istanbul New Airport. After the class trainings completed in June as part of the process started two years ago, field training has now begun to be provided to employees of airline, ground handling and other related companies.


According to the statement made by the IGA, 28 thousand 200 people will be given training, the program will be completed on September 28.


The trainings include training on the field, including aerodrome, terminal and baggage service areas, where the apron's license is included. In this frame, the subjects such as airport identification, apron entrance gate operation, support services, cargo, baggage operation, terminal areas, runways, incoming and outgoing passenger flows, transfer lines, control room functions, airport security will be covered during the field program.


The first of these trainings started with a group of 194 people consisting of THY, Havaş and Çelebi employees. Within the scope of the plans, a total of 28,200 people will be trained in field training.

Classroom training, the first part of ORAT training, began on March 5 and lasted for 88 days. During the training process completed in June, a total of 25 thousand training courses were delivered.


- "We will have given 53 thousand training"


Mehmet Büyükkaytan, General Manager in Charge of Operations at the IGA Airport Operations, said that the whole aviation sector is preparing to follow the move of an airport with a capacity of 70 million passengers per year for 45 kilometers and moving to Istanbul New Airport.


This move is a first in the world will be a first transfer Büyükkaytan, the following evaluations were found:


"If we are getting advice from the airports that have made the best cargo in the world and preparing for the process, then Istanbul New Airport employees will be advised to move to the world.We will be working for the first time at Atatürk Airport and Istanbul New Airport We programmed an intensive training program for the staff, and on September 28, when we completed the second part of the trainings, we would have provided approximately 53 thousand trainings for the airport only. "


- "The moving process will start on October 30 at 03.30"


On the other hand, no flights will be made to the new airport before October 25, except for trial flights. On October 25-30, a limited number of flights can be arranged to the new airport to transport goods from Ataturk Airport Hotel . The moving process will begin on October 30th at 03.00 and end October 31st at midnight. The road will be mainly used for transportation of materials.


In this 45 hour period, there will be limited flights at both airports. Starting from midnight on October 31, Atatürk Airport will be closed for domestic and international domestic and international commercial passengers.