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There are 90 hotels in Ataturk Airport that will be tare closed

  With the closure of the Atatürk Airport, at least 90 hotels in the region will be tendered. While most of the facilities in the region have been made due to AHL in the recent period, it is said that these facilities are faced with crisis by 4 billion dollars of investment.     World newspaper writer Ibrahim Ekinci, brought around 90 hotels around the Atatürk Airport. Reminding that Ataturk Airport will move on October 29, Ekinci said, "I counted 90 hotels in the 3-4 km circle of AHL. Of these 29's name is "airport hotel" extension. On the road from Küçükçekmece to Torium AVM, there are 18 hotels in the vicinity, 11 in the direction of Merter on the E5 and 5 more on the beach towards Zeytinburnu. In total, the number of hotels that receive customers from the airport is around 125! At ..
 When will Atatürk Airport be transported? 4Ağu

When will Atatürk Airport be transported?

 The second stage trainings started to move to Istanbul New Airport. In this context, field trainings are given to employees of airline, ground handling and other related companies   ORAT (Operation Preparation and Airport Transfer) process has accelerated in Istanbul New Airport. After the class trainings completed in June as part of the process started two years ago, field training has now begun to be provided to employees of airline, ground handling and other related companies.   According to the statement made by the IGA, 28 thousand 200 people will be given training, the program will be completed on September 28.   The trainings include training on the field, including aerodrome, terminal and baggage service areas, where the apron's license is included. In this frame, the subjec..
Ataturk Airport close to the hotel 4Haz

Ataturk Airport close to the hotel

  Istanbul atatürk airport Hotel is one of the most important and lively points of istanbul. It is the first time that our country has been introduced for our visit from outside Yurd. It is one of the leading airports in the world. Every two minutes an airplane is landing and every hour of the day is quite mobile. It is the bread gate of many people at the same time, especially one of the most important gates of the tourists and hotels. istanbul is one of the most demanded and demanded tourists most of the tourists coming from abroad and at the same time the most difficult issues are to find the hotels near Ataturk airport and the other is the transportation problem when going to these hotels. In fact, istanbul ataturk airport is only 3 km away from the airport, which is very close to the..
Ataturk airport hotels 14Eki

Ataturk airport hotels

Unfortunately, the Ataturk Airport Authority Zone in 2016 has been very stationary. The adversities experienced in Turkey in 2016 have prevented the arrival of foreign tourists to a great extent. However, huge investments have been made in the airport area, and many hotels with 5 stars have been opened. The uncertainty in our country and the terrorist incidents caused the foreign tourists, who are considering coming to Turkey for cultural tourism, to turn their direction to other countries. As such, the hotels in the Atatürk Airport region had to withdraw their room rates to the prices of 2012. This negative situation will of course be skipped and there is a great expectation that the Russian tourists coming to Istanbul have a positive expectation that these black days in the sector have a..


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