Ataturk Airport close to the hotel


Ataturk Airport close to the hotel 4Haz

Ataturk Airport close to the hotel


Istanbul atatürk airport Hotel is one of the most important and lively points of istanbul. It is the first time that our country has been introduced for our visit from outside Yurd. It is one of the leading airports in the world. Every two minutes an airplane is landing and every hour of the day is quite mobile. It is the bread gate of many people at the same time, especially one of the most important gates of the tourists and hotels. istanbul is one of the most demanded and demanded tourists most of the tourists coming from abroad and at the same time the most difficult issues are to find the hotels near Ataturk airport and the other is the transportation problem when going to these hotels. In fact, istanbul ataturk airport is only 3 km away from the airport, which is very close to the distance. Most hotels are accessible by public transport. But at the yard, foreign guests prefer the easier taxi. If the taxiers complain from time to time, it is actually a man of our country. It is here that there are rotten apples in every place, every work, every community, but it is your duty as a society to prevent these rotten apples from harming a bag of incendiaries.


What do the hotels near Istanbul ataturk airport need to do?


Certainly our hotelclubs are very much on duty. We should not look at our country, our city, and the strangers who come to our facility as guests only as a source of income. For example, the guests who come to our hotel by taxi are greeted at the door. how long did it bring? We need to ask the guest whether there is a negative situation on the road before leaving the taxi driver. If there is a negative situation, the taxi driver should call the bus stop where the taxi driver is connected and tell the driver about the people and complain. We need to put ourselves in the place of our guests, and we all have to go abroad from time to time to consider the problems we experience during our travels and check whether they have experienced such problems. Be sure to do them all the time the customer will choose us. Of course we did not end with just complaining during our stay in the hotel. I mean to say that our guest who came to our facility to stay at our side should not be interested in our facility until we go to the table during our stay. Employees who do this will always win. The guests are definitely choosing the facility in their next stay there are hundreds of examples. Do not forget that they are our guests, just do not look like a revenue gate before people then come to the source of income.